Monday, June 24, 2013

For everybody who has really understood power and the power game, like certain sages and yogis in Asia who have practiced all sorts of psychic powers, and realize that psychic powers are not the answer. All manuals of yoga or Buddhistic practice will tell you that the siddhi or supernatural powers ought to be abandoned because power is not the answer. That's not what you want. See, we get back to the question of thinking through what you want. If you get absolute power and you are in perfect control of everything, you realize what would happen? You have a completely predictable future, you're the perfect prophet, you know everything that's going to happen, and the moment you know everything that's going to happen, you've had it. Because the perfectly known future is past. When in the course of playing games, it becomes quite certain what the outcome of the game will be, we always, of course don't we, abandon the game and begin a new one because what we want is a surprise. And as one very wise man whom I once knew said to me, "Gnosis, the perfect wisdom or enlightenment, is to be surprised at everything."

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