Friday, May 8, 2015

The beginnings of the universe and of beings are lost in the depths of time. The earliest time known was of beings like gods.
To make existence interesting, these entered into games with one another, and as time went on, formal rules were made to play by. And rewards were added, and penalties, and restrictions on departing a game. These were to add the zest of danger and necessity to games. And beings became avid for games, and did not see, or did not heed, where this was leading.
There were many worlds and many games. And beings who were between games sought other games around the universe. When the game was created here on Ch'matal, Ch'matal was called Weirro, which meant "game field". In time it would have many other names, among them Terra, Eorthe and World. But the idea of "game field" was forgotten.
And all who wished to play on Weirro were required to agree to limiting terms. One of the terms was that, having agreed, they would forget what the terms were, although bound by them with force. And another, they would forget the goal of the game. And another, they would be in ignorance that it was a game. And another, they would not know who they were until such time as the game was over.
This would provide seriousness. It would allow surprise. And it required skill and application in attempting to work out what the terms, the rules of the game, were. For those who could most closely discover and play to the limits of the rules would gain the advantage. Their penalties and failures would be fewer, their successes greater.
And thus came to be philosophy, and religion, and science.
And the purpose of the game and its rules were numerous. The most general were to experience the sensations and emotions that would grow therefrom, and to provide challenges. The goal of the game was to regain full knowledge of the agreement, which would end the game and cancel the agreement.

But the goal was hidden in forgetfulness.

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